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Court Process

  1. Your Summons and Information—and Bail Agreement—will inform you of what date, time, and court you must attend.
  2. If you’re unsure where to go, select the court you’re required to attend via the Courts Administration Authority of South Australia website to find out its location.
  3. You can also find out which courtroom to go to and the Judge or Magistrate you’re appearing before by looking at the court list from 6pm onwards on the day before your hearing. You can view the court lists here.
  4. When you arrive at court you’ll be required to undergo a security check.
  5. You can confirm which courtroom your matter will be heard in by looking on the court notice board usually positioned near the security checking point.
  6. If you cannot find your name on the notice board, please attend the court registry and inform them of this.
  7. When you arrive at the courtroom a Sherriff’s Officer will take your name at which time it will be confirmed you’re represented by Almeida + Associates.

Adelaide District Court, Sir Samuel Way Building, Victoria Square

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