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How much will my matter cost?

Costs are determined on a case-by-case basis.

At the start of your matter, we’ll provide you with an estimate of your anticipated fees.

Wherever possible however, we’ll provide you with fixed fees so you have certainty of your legal costs.

Should I answer police questions during a record of interview?

With some exceptions, you don’t have to answer any questions during a police interview. Your choice not to answer questions cannot be used against you in court.

There are however some questions that, according to the law, must be answered—such as a question relating to the identity of the driver of a motor vehicle.

If the police wish to speak to you, we strongly recommend you contact us before you answer any questions.

Do I need to attend court?

You must attend court if you’re on bail or have been ordered to attend.

If you’ve received a Summons and have legal representation then you may not be required to attend court.

How long will my matter take to complete?

Each case is different. For this reason, every matter will take a different amount of time to conclude.

You can be assured however that we will complete your matter in an efficient and timely manner, and keep you updated as to estimated timeframes throughout.

Can I schedule a remote appointment with you?

Yes—we are fully equipped to handle remote appointments should you wish to arrange a video or telephone meeting with us.

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