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Demerit Points

Did you know there are options to negotiate or challenge expiation notices?

As you accumulate demerit points through expiation notices – whether they’re issued due to speeding, using a mobile phone, failing to wear a seatbelt, or even something else – you run the risk of losing your licence.

Some drivers may be eligible for a ‘good behaviour’ option or safer driver agreement, but many who are eligible don’t know this.

If you’re concerned about accumulating demerit points or losing your licence, contact us prior to the payment of any expiation notice – we can examine your matter and give you accurate advice as to your options. These typically involve attempting to negotiate and/or electing to be prosecuted so the matter can be determined in court.

If an election for prosecution is made, we can prepare your matter and apply for a reduction in demerit points.

Offences we can help defend include but aren’t limited to:

  • Expiation Notices
  • Demerit Point Applications

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