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Dangerous or Careless Driving

From speeding all the way to engaging in police pursuits, we understand how to defend charges related to dangerous or careless driving.

Such offences can result in the impounding of your car, lengthy licence disqualifications, large fines, and even terms of imprisonment. It’s crucial then that you seek accurate, strategic advice as to how to best respond and defend such a charge if it’s been brought against you.

Speeding – maybe you’ve received a wrongful expiation notice?
Driving without due care – it’s possible there’s an explanation that could see the charge withdrawn.
Dangerous driving – perhaps it can be argued the speed you were travelling at wasn’t actually dangerous?

Whatever the case, from the more mundane to the more serious, we examine your situation top-to-bottom with an eye for detail and defend your interests vigorously.

Offences we can help defend include but aren’t limited to:

  • Drive without Due Care (including Aggravated Offences)
  • Police Pursuit
  • Cause Death or Bodily Injury
  • Speed/Drive Dangerous

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