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Driving Offences

Need help with a Driving Offence? Our criminal lawyers are your best defence.

Whether you’ve already been charged or soon to be facing a charge, it’s always best to seek legal advice as a top priority. Not doing so can have short and long-term consequences when it comes to you being able to successfully defend against conviction or severe sentences.

Driving Offences can also result in lengthy licence disqualifications, and the police even have powers to impound cars in certain circumstances. It goes without saying that these outcomes are best avoided or minimised wherever possible.

Let us help you—contact us to engage an experienced team awarded as one of South Australia’s leading criminal defence and driving offence firms.

We appear in all relevant courts.

Trials, appeals, demerit point applications, lifting licence disqualifications/suspensions, bail hearings, guilty pleas—we do it all.

Nothing fazes us.

And if there’s extra complexity requiring additional input, we’ve forged powerful relationships with renowned barristers who we can collaborate with.

Thanks to decades defending Driving Offences for our clients, we’re often able to deliver positive results without an extended court process. This is regularly achieved through negotiation. In some cases, charges can be completely withdrawn.

For urgent, after-hours help, you can reach us on
08 8342 4400 (choose option 2 after the prompts).

Some of the key Driving Offence areas we can help you with include:

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