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Trafficking & Drug Offences

Have you been charged with cultivating, producing, manufacturing, selling, supplying, trafficking, importing, or possessing drugs?

Convictions for drug-related offences can not only result in imprisonment, they can prevent you from travelling to foreign countries in the future. In some cases, your assets may even be liable for confiscation.

If you’ve been charged with a trafficking or drug offence, we recommend you contact us immediately to ensure your interests are protected.

Our team has significant experience in defending charges involving cannabis, ecstasy, methylamphetamine, cocaine, and many other drugs.

We’ll examine your matter and where appropriate demand proof from the prosecution relating to whether the police search was valid, whether you were in possession (at law) of the drug, what the drug is, and the amount of it.

We’ll provide you with leading, up-to-date advice, guidance, and fearless representation as we defend your legal rights both inside and outside of court.

Offences we can help defend include but aren’t limited to:

  • Trafficking in a Controlled Drug
  • Cultivating a Controlled Plant
  • Manufacturing a Controlled Drug
  • Importing a Controlled Substance
  • Possessing Controlled Drug & Equipment to Use with a Controlled Drug
  • Possessing Prescription Medication
  • Possessing Prescribed Equipment

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