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Intervention Orders

Have you been served with an Intervention Order naming one or more protected persons due to an alleged domestic or neighbourhood dispute?

Do not breach it!

Breaching an Intervention Order*, even if you believe the breach to be entirely innocent and non-threatening, can lead to you being charged with a criminal offence which can have far more severe consequences for you.

Instead, seek advice from our team experienced with handling Intervention Order matters. We’ll give you guidance as to what actions the Order permits and prohibits.

Crucially, we’ll advise as to whether the Intervention Order can be challenged if it was wrongfully issued or varied so that the terms are better suited to your circumstances.

*Alleged breaches of an Intervention Order often result in immediate eviction from the family home.

Breaches of an Intervention Order often also result in imprisonment with a person being refused bail as they are deemed a prescribed applicant. In order to be released on bail by the court special circumstances need to be established. We can assist you should you find yourself in this position.

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